10 TikTok tips to go viral

10 TikTok tips to go viral

Tik Tok is everyone’s favourite right now because of how fun and easy to use it is. Because of its popularity, we’ve pulled together 10 TikTok tips that should help you go viral.

If you are one of the countless TikTok users and your mind is full of fascinating and interesting ideas, this might be useful. The key point in creating viral social media videos is perseverance in creating content that is worth sharing.

Top 10 Tiktok tips to go viral

Be consistent

One of the best ways of setting yourself up to go viral is consistency. Once you have a Tiktok account, it’s time to start posting videos.

Many TikTok stars don’t have one or two videos, but countless videos and many failed attempts. If you go to their pages, you will find that they have created hundreds and thousands of videos.

As of yet, you are unkown (unless you are already famous or popular elsewhere). Therefore, the only way to get detected on TikTok is by continuously posting videos.

Use the right hashtags

In addition to keeping up with the latest trends, you should also use a hashtag on your videos. That way, the SEO function will work in your favor and your videos will be easier to find and may even have the privilege of being “recommended” videos for other people.

Be sure to use the right hashtags, also use hashtags that are similar or related to the type of video you are uploading.

Stay updated and follow the right trends

Another Tiktok tip to go viral is to stay updated. Follow the latest trend, find out what people are doing, know what kind of videos are getting a lot of attention at any given time, then jump into that trend and create videos like that.

The concept of rolling with the trends is that if a certain niche or video is trending, this is what people are looking for, and therefore you have the opportunity to perceive your videos for what it is people want to see right now.

Be active

The best way to go viral is to like and comment on other people’s videos, especially those with a lot of views. Comments can drive people to your page and will increase your views.

The more you engage as your profile on other accounts, the more opportunity there is for someone to visit yours.

Capture attention

It only takes an average of three to eight seconds for someone to skip your video to the next if they don’t like it. This means that you barely have five seconds to grab your viewers’ attention and keep it throughout the video.

Tiktok has a limited video length of fifteen to thirty seconds and that might not be a lot to express all of your ideas, but you have to try to fit all of your content into that space-time and keep your audience watching.

Stand out from the crowd

Following a viral trend may not always be enough, especially if your video is of the same format ot structure as others. Try and make a few minor changes to any trend you want to follow. People hate seeing the same thing over and over again. Your difference will instantly grab their attention and give you the publicity you crave.

For example, the “Don’t Rush” challenge has been classified as a magical weapon using a makeup tool that, when placed over the camera lens and removed, shows that the person is more beautiful and gorgeous. Turn it around, try to do the opposite to change from looking normal to looking worse. This is sure to spice up the trend and get a lot of attention.

Focus on something yours good at

Another Tiktok tip to go viral is to find out what you’re good at and embrace it. If your niche is acting, go for comedy skits. If you’re good at music or dance, go for that aspect. If you’re good at reaction videos and lip-syncing too, do your thing. Don’t get caught up in trends just because you want to go viral.

Rather find your best niche and work with it. There is no type of Tiktok video that doesn’t work well. So focus on what you are good at, own it, do it well, and be known for it.

Watch other Tiktoker videos

Another Tiktok tip to go viral is to watch other people’s videos to get inspiration. This will give you a guide on all of the features available on Tiktok, especially if you are a new user.

Watch highly viewed and recommended videos to find out what type of content people like to watch on the platform.

Don’t be afraid to copy standard formats

TikTok has an “Explore” section that lets you see a variety of sounds, dance styles, cool ideas, or the popular video style format that users use for their videos.

You can also creatively transform these ideas into new ones.

 Share your Tiktok videos on other social media platforms

One of the most effective Tiktok tips to go viral is by uploading it to other social media platforms. If you share your videos, other Tiktok users will be able to see them on these platforms. If they do, they can follow you on Tiktok or share your videos on their social networks and get you more views.

 If Tiktok finds that your video has a good number of views, it will assume that people will like that content and therefore will recommend your videos to even more people, increasing your popularity.


TikTok is centainly worth the effort, and these TikTok tips should set you up for a successful start to your TikTok career.

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