10 tips for starting your TikTok channel

10 tips for starting your TikTok channel

Tiktok has become a powerful tool for content creators. Suppose you want to start a Tiktok channel yourself or you work with a client who wants to better promote their business. By the end of this article, you will have a detailed understanding of how to start a Tiktok channel.

Top 10 tips for starting your Tiktok channel

Find and define your niche

Before creating your profile and channel, it is important to do your research first. The best way to do this is to watch lots of TikTok videos.

Just like with Twitter or any other social media platform at this point, you can click or search directly on these targeted tags to browse large amounts of content, often curated by the newest or most popular for a guide.

Follow the trend

One of the best tips for starting your Tiktok channel is to keep up with the trends. Trends can make your channel so popular and so stay relevant thanks to the platform’s ability to quickly bring the latest trends to the top.

So if you want to create content specifically for your brand, keep up with these latest trends and use the latest audio tracks, which are a big part of the algorithm’s preferences.

To get started to creating your videos and content that allows for a fast turnaround you can create multiple videos per day. This is achievable because TikTok does not limit content creators from creating too much content. Instead, creators are rewarded more often for having downloaded a lot of content that is in line with the latest trends.

Use text for clarity

When you start creating your TikTok channel content, be sure to add text to all of your videos.

Text not only adds clarity (and not only gives the hard of hearing more perspective), but it also helps create an overall sense of professionalism, especially when done stylistically.

As a guide, it is best to limit the text to just a few words on the screen at a time. You can either scroll line by line or have each line replaced as it appears. If the text follows with a person speaking, try to make it appear close enough to the person that your viewer can clearly understand where the text is coming from and what it is saying.

Add outbound destination links

This is another trick used for the Tiktok channel. This simple trick that can vastly improve the ROI of your TikTok videos is to use one of the many click-link outbound platforms.

To understand this concept, browse some of the most popular and successful TikTok channels, you can find examples of adding outbound links on every page. These “social media referral landing pages” can be added to the bio of your TikTok account so that users can click on the landing page that contains direct links to all of your specific content easily without stress.

You can use many of these platforms on other social media channels like Instagram that don’t allow simple or direct clicks on your website. These click-through landing pages can be very useful if you want to direct your viewers to more in-depth content (like links to longer YouTube videos) or directly to your company or brand website with products, services, etc.

Start a trend on TikTok

You can also try creating your own trend on TikTok. This is another great tip for starting your Tiktok channel. Like your own dance, audio, or whatever suits you.

The hope is that people will pick up on your trend and copy it. If you are lucky enough to have great designers choose to do it, they will tag you which can lead to millions of people following the trend and tagging you. The next thing you know is that you are famous for TikTok.

Go live on TikTok every day

TikTok Live is available for accounts with 1,000 or more subscribers. If you have access, go live every day.

Live streaming is one of the tips for starting your Tiktok channel and it gives you a chance to connect with your TikTok community. You can have a two-way conversation with viewers, which you can’t do with your regular videos.

Create a series of videos on TikTok

Create a series of videos on TikTok that match your expertise and appeal to your audience.

If you are a professional organizer, your first 15-second video can show people how to organize their homes. If you include it in part 1 of a series, people have a reason to come back the next day to see the second video.

In any video, make sure to let people know it’s the first, second, third, etc in a row so they know they’ll be back the next day to watch the next part.

Create stackable content

Create the content on TikTok that is suitable for piecing together. What does that mean? You create content, then a creator takes a bite of it and adds its content at the end.

For example, you can ask your viewers, “Tell me you are a small business owner without telling me that you are a small business owner.” Then someone takes the first part of my video, cuts it, and adds its content. Your new video will then appear on their TikTok page.

Create viral duet videos

Duet on an already viral TikTok video. People love to see content like this. I have done this several times and it has gained new subscribers.

Repost TikTok content on Facebook and Instagram

Repost your TikTok content on other platforms like Facebook and Instagram Reels. When people see and enjoy your videos outside of TikTok, they have a reason to search for you on TikTok. You will get more views and possibly more subscribers.


If you haven’t already got a TikTok account, it’s a great idea to start now and give some of the above tips a go.

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