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best content for social media

The best content for social media differs from platform to platform depending on numerous things such as algorithm, user habits and platform restrictions.

Different social media platforms do certain things and deliver different content does better than others. 

We’ll quickly go over some of the main platforms used globally, explaining their key strengths and what type of content you should be posting to get the most from the platform.


Best: Medium Length Videos

The most used social media platform in the world and one of the best at spreading shorter shareable videos.

Why video?

Facebook’s algorithm is geared up to give priority to ‘video’ content over other types of content (e.g. images, text only, link posts).  This means that you’re better off spending your time creating videos over any other type of media on the platform.

Facebook Daily Views (Billions)

Be wary though, the algorithm is a very slow burner and takes time to learn how engaging your content is before showing it to anyone; so don’t expect much reaction straight off the bat.  

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Generally, videos range from 30 seconds to 3 minutes in length, have high reach figures, but have a low average watch time due to the fact that the videos could reach a lot of timelines but not be watched.


Best: Current Affairs

Twitter is still the most popular platform for spreading news and live updates.

Why news?

What you need to understand about Twitter is that it’s very instant; tweets don’t hang around for too long before getting to point where they won’t be seen by anyone.  If they haven’t been retweeted within the first hour, then the chances are they won’t be retweeted again.

Because of this ‘instant’ reactivity, a whopping 86% of Twitter users use the platform for ‘news’, with 64% saying that they’re sharing that information on other platforms.  Twitter is a worldwide ‘source’ for 3rd party news and current affairs.

So when something happens, locally or globally, Twitter is a powerful way of keeping in touch with a vast majority of potential customers by using the trending #hashtags.

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Best: Longform Video

YouTube is one of the long standing giants of the social media world, and set up to house videos of all kinds.

Why longer videos?

You’ll generally find videos to be much longer on YouTube than on other platforms because of the mindset of the audience using the platform.  People go on YouTube to ‘watch’, meaning that they’re more open to watching longer videos.

Be mindful, even with a higher watch time, your reach and views might be significantly lower than that of Facebook or other platforms as the primary discovery method is ‘search’.  But, if you’re creating ‘blog’ videos, ‘how too’ videos and other types that have a specific niche that people would be searching for, YouTube might be the place for you.


Best: Images

This is an ongoing debate, do videos now work better than images on Instagram?

Instagram historically has been a haven for photographers and picturesque images; and to that degree, it’s still the same today.

So, why have we gone with images, over video?

Photos on the whole seem to work better on the feed than video, but video seems to have made ground recently on the platform. Where video does come into its own is on Instagram Stories, where the medium changes slightly to the feed best practice.

Take a look at the statistics here from the feed of some top brands:

Always though, keep in mind that your images need to stand out; high quality, artistic, picturesque, inspirational ones do the best.  Take a look around Instagram, the better engaged images are always quite special and not very ‘sales’ orientated.

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Best: Career Based Content

Although there doesn’t seem to be a preference on which media to use, LinkedIn certainly takes in the relevance of a post and tailors it to the interest of the user.

Why career based?

LinkedIn is now a haven for professional work related activity and job search.  Therefore, if your content ticks this box don’t be surprised to see it flourish.

Job ads, career advice and inspirational work talk will do well on the platform.


Best: Location Specific

As Snapchat is used far more as a messenger between friends, as business you might not be using Snapchat on a daily basis for numerous reasons> But, it’s location based functionality is potentially a handy element to have at hand during events.


If there’s one feature on Snapchat that could be of useful, it’s the ‘geo-filters’ function.  Even if you’re not using Snapchat on a daily basis, you can still have a presence on the platform by creating your own filter for a specific location, and having everyone else use it in their own content.

This feature does give you opportunities to be seen by a very young demographic at minimal effort and relatively low cost.

While you’re there, you might as well pick up a phone and snap a little.


Best: Short Video

TikTok has taken the world by storm by allowing users to post short videos, usually using music.

By having an effective  algorithm distributing the best pieces of content as a core function, and an addictive user interface, TikToc has been able to grow a vested audience.


The feed uses a scroll fuction, which means that users midlessly scroll through their feed looking for interesting, short pieces of content to entertain them. They’re not expecting long pieces of video, it’s very instant.

So, if you’re looking to intergrate TikTok into the mix, make sure that you’re content in punchy.

Take Away

So there we are, a quick guide to the core strengths of the main ‘content based’ platforms.  

These platforms obviously do other things, but this guide will hopefully help you focus on the main aspects of what you should be taking advantage of on these platforms when using them.

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