Best Mobile Video Editing Apps for Creators

Best Mobile Video Editing Apps for Creators

With more and more people looking to be editing videos on the go, we’re going to run through the best mobile video editing apps available.

Mobile video editing apps have become better and better as phones have become increasingly more powerful. Rather than going back to the studio and editing on a computer, editing on the go has become a norm and essential for many content producers.

Even for your general public, mobile video editing apps are making it easier for this generation to edit and share videos online. Everyone secretly wants every aspect of their lives to be on display, they would not hesitate to take a snap or a short clip just to share on their social platforms online. 

Most apps can be downloaded from the Play Store or from the Apple App Store. 


1. Adobe Premiere Rush

This is a video creation and mobile video editing app for online consumption and definately one of the best mobile video editing apps availableThe app comes with features such as the creative library where the user can access a lot of templates and video graphics. 

The application offers simpler but efficient tools that one can use to create a superb professional video. Among others, video creators can make use of features such as the ability to create voice-overs, alter or introduce text overlays, trim, correct color, background, and the clip[ sequence.

The application boasts of being uncluttered and having the ability to simplify the graphics, video motion, and everything that videography entails. 

The mobile video app is available on iOS.


  • Its simple design enables armatures and beginners to work through effortlessly.
  • While sharing, the export options are well synchronized and optimized.
  • One can upload edited videos to their website to create a portfolio


  • One can only apply editing on a video once it is dragged to the timeline.
  • There is no option to copy and paste
  • Does ot offer a ripple trim tool
  • It only has three transition effects

2. iMovie

The app is an easy to use, free mobile app that’s stood the test of time to be one of the best mobile video editing apps available today. The app helps you to create fantastic videos mimicking the trailer style making use of the 4000 plus photos and video resolution. 

You can create a video by choosing from the eight catchy and unique themes that come with it, together with the studio logos and credit rolls. Other than facilitating the hassle-free transfer of videos from one Apple device to another, such as the iPhone, iPod, etc. 

It also enhances uploading of videos on the online platforms such as the iCloud drive and social media.

The mobile video app  can be downloaded from the Apple app store.


  • It can fix shaky videos
  • The products after editing can be projected on a screen because of its high resolution
  • It can change the audio on a video clip
  • The user interface is easy and attractive
  • It supports customization, tilting, crop and rotates, video enhancement features, and stabilization.


  • It does not allow you to download the music soundtrack.
  • It is not flexible
  • You can’t share music via this application

3. inShot

This is ceratinly one of the most comprehensive and best mobile video editing apps available on both App Store and Google Play. With this app, you can cut, merge, trim, adjust, or delete some parts of the video. 

The application is mostly ideal for Instagram feeds as it comes with capabilities to blur videos, create a collage, squaring, filtering, adding texts, voice-overs, etc. One can as well adjust the volume or add emojis, or rotate a video. 

The mobile video app is available on Google Play and App Store.


  • Ideal for creating basic videos
  • Rich in multiple features
  • Simple to use
  • Videos can be used across social media platforms


  • Comes with watermarks
  • The free version supports ads
  • Can only be used to create basic videos

4. Clips

The app is more like the iMovie app; however, it comes with inbuilt features such as filters, stickers, and transitions that are targeted for the new generation of video creators. The application lets the user create animated videos, animated realistic emojis, texts that appear as one speaks, and non-motion backgrounds. It also lets you add a song from your preferred source. Furthermore, it comes with clips that enable the user to improve selfies by placing you in a 360-degree scene.

The mobile video app is available on android and IOS


  • It has the capability to automatically recognize the people in your video and can also suggest sharing destinations.
  • Allows for the creation of new videos and can do so by using photos from the phone gallery
  • One can share across the social media platforms the created videos including sites such as Tiktok
  • One can download the project to save on the phone or upload it on the cloud for storage.


  • One can only share the project after opening the application
  • It does not come fully loaded like the other apps in terms of features
  • Not simple to use

5. Viva video

This is a very popular video creation and editing app. This app can help the user turn a simple video or photo into a marvel of art. It can be used for trimming, cropping, merging, editing, and loading clips.

The mobile video app can be downloaded for both android and apple devices


  • One can export photos from gallery
  • The project created can be shared across several networks
  • Has a massive video filter options


  • The free versions exports projects with watermark
  • Ads come with a free version
  • Mostly used with android bloggers

6. Magisto

The application uses artificial intelligence to help transform photos and videos into magnificent polished movies. This mobile video app comes with media library, templates, drag and drop capability, text overlay, privacy, and ability to customize videos for sharing. 

Supported on apple and android devices


  • Auto edits pics and videos, therefore, saving the user the time.
  • Ideal for quick IG posts
  • Editing capability is impressive


  • The free version is ineffective; however subscription fees are high
  • Can only handle small edits which could be annoying
  • One needs to have a pre-thought story before uploading a video for editing.

7. PicPlayPost

This is an effective user tool which has the ability to transform photos and videos into a story that can be posted on social media platforms. One can combine up to 365 clips from videos to come up with a 30-minute video. Also, it can be used to make GIFs and video collages. 

Found both on android and apple phones


  • Allows for multiple edits on one video
  • Ideal for social media influencers
  • Comes with plenty of features


  • The best features can only be accessed when you upgrade
  • Subscription bills are remitted monthly
  • Expensive

8. Videoshop

The app comes with a world of features that enable the user to trim, merge, slow speed, and many more. Also, it comes with animated sounds and sound effects.

Can be downloaded from Google play store or apple app store


  • Multiple clips can be merged into one
  • Supports in-app recording
  • Easy to use


  • Supports only one recording per go
  • Has in-app ads
  • Ideal for basic video creation

9. Kinemaster

This is an intelligent application that allows creators to use their wide range of tools to edit and create videos. It also allows the user to record music or download it from the KineMaster library. 

Can be downloaded on both android and apple devices


  • Comes with incredible features
  • Attractive and easy user interface
  • Projects can be easily shared ion social media platforms


  • The free version permits watermarks
  • Subscription fees are expensive
  • Has ads on the free version

10. WeVideo

This is a professional photography and videography tool. It comes with cloud storage as well as a free version, which gives you access to a host of features that one basically needs. 

Supported by both android and IOS devices


  • Supports HD resolution
  • Supports multi-device cloud storage
  • Comes with a built-in library


  • The free version is more or less like a free trial
  • Cloud storage has a limited space of 10GB
  • It’s expensive

The bottom line

If you are a video creator or a frequent social media user, or even a social media worker like and influencer, then picking up a suitable video editing or creating app shouldn’t be a challenge. Mostly, check the app features to see if the app is suitable for you. 

Most of the mobile video apps covered in this post are found on both the android and IOS platforms. 

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