Best Streamer Setup

Best Streamer Setup

Getting set up and streaming online has neven been easier on numerous gaming platforms, so we’re going to run through our recommended streamer setup.

You can now stream online on pretty much any gaming platform, be that on PC, console or your mobile. There are tons of streaming platforms out there for you to stream on, but the major ones are Twitch, Mixer & YouTube. You can use these platforms to stream, build your audience and then start making money.

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What gaming platforms can you stream on?

When it comes to streaming, you can do using various platforms. You can use your PC, Gaming console (Switch, Xbox One and PS4) and even your smartphone to start streaming. 

We will share the streamer setup for all these platforms below.

Best streamer setup on PC

When it comes to streaming from a PC, you will need a few things before beign able to start streaming channel. We will keep the things as simple as possible which will help you understand which products you need.

What equipment do you need?

You will need the following Products to build the best streamer setup for PC.

  • A gaming PC
  • A camera or webcam
  • A microphone (or headphones that has a microphone)
  • Elgato stream deck (Optional)
  • Broadcasting software

Gaming PC

First of all, you will need a good gaming PC so that you could play your favorite games. There is no specific benchmark for specs you need for gaming PC but generally, you will need a good CPU and a good GPU with at least 3 GB of dedicated VRAM. 

If you have a good budget and want to make your PC future proof then we would recommend you to go for a GPU with at least 6 GB of VRAM, latest CPU and at least 16 GB of RAM. 

We would also recommend you to get a good Gaming Monitor with at least a 120Hz refresh rate for the great gaming experience. However, if you have a restricted budget then stick with the basic build and upgrade items as you get more money.

We’ve written a complete guide on setting up a gaming PC that would be perfect for a streamer setup:

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Best Gaming PC Setup

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You will also need a good camera to record you while gaming. 

We would recommend you to use a camera that records at least 720p footage, and ideally in 1080p. 

If you are looking for a good webcam then you can’t go wrong with the Logitech HD Pro C920 or Razer Kiyo.

But you can use a GoPro, DSLR, or any good webcam of your choice. 


The next step is to pick the best microphone to record your audio during gaming. We would recommend you to pick the microphone which has the cardioid mode which is preferred mode for gaming. 

We recommend the Blue Yeti X and Razer Seiren X as both microphones are really good and used by many streamers.

If you have a limited budget and don’t want to use your money on a dedicated microphone then you can go for any headset with a good microphone. You can go for any good mid-range headset but we recommend the SteelSeries Arctis 7 as it is one of the best headsets out there and its microphone is also really good. If you want he high end all-in-one, then the ASTRO A40 TR comes witha tones of additional features.

We’ve listed some of the best microphones for streaming in our Best Streaming Microphones article.

Best Streaming Microphones

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Stream Deck

Last but not the least, you will also need a device that will help you multitask. 

When it comes to Multitasking, the majority of the streamers use the Elgato Stream Deck which comes with the dedicated buttons to switch between various tasks. There really isn’t anything else on the marked quite as tailored as the Elgato Stream Deck, that comes in all sizes

A Stream Deck is not a compulsory item but if you get it then your life will be a lot easier with streaming.

Broadcasting Software

Now that you know all the hardware you need to start streaming from your PC, the last piece in this puzzle is to pick the broadcasting software.  

There are tons of broadcasting software out there, and most of them are good so you can go with any software of your choice. However, we recommend you to pick between OBS Studio and XSplit Gamecaster as both software are easier to use and are perfect for beginners. 

Once you select the software, your streamer setup for PC will be complete. If you want to make your streaming setup more elegant, you can also go for the RGB Lights but it is entirely optional.

Best streamer setup on console

When it comes to streaming from Console you won’t need to get a lot of additional items as all the major consoles already come with inbuilt hardware designed for streaming. 

Microsoft & Sony esspecially have designed their consoles to be used by streamers, so all you need is to download the apps on your console and you can start streaming. 

However, streaming on console comes with limited options and less control over your stream. But there is an easy workaround to this – you can stream your console through your PC. 

If you want to stream your console through your PC, you can use the capture card which will offer more control on how your stream looks. A stream card will send the feed from your console to your PC and then you can use the broadcasting software to broadcast your stream on your channels. 

You can go with AverMedia Live Gamer Mini or Elgato HD60S as both capture cards are very popular and trusted by many popular streamers out there.

Best streamer setup on smartphone

Streaming from a smartphone is not considered ideal but if you are just starting your channel and don’t have investment then you can go for this option. 

Streaming from a smartphone is a lot easier than you think and all you need is to download the app from the Play Store or App Store. You will be using your smartphone cam for recording your video and microphone for recording your audio.

Some video games also come with external controller support so if your game supports it then we would recommend you to use it as will allow you to set up your smartphone in front of your face and you will be able to game & stream more easily.

Take Away

We hope that you will find our streamer setup guide useful and that it helps you kick start your career as a streamer. If you think you have good gaming skills then you can start streaming and gather the fans who will appreciate your skills and, hopefully, will help you earn some money. 

If you have any question please let us know in the comment section below. 

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