Best Webcam for Streaming

Best Webcam for Streaming

A webcam is one of the most important components of any streaming setup today given the ease and pupularity of having more than one live video on screen. There are many to choose from, so we’ll help you find the best webcam for streaming.

If you have a laptop it usually already comes with a decent inbuilt webcam. But they are not usually good enough and you will probably need another webcam for streaming and gaming. 

PC’s and monitors don’t come with inbuilt webcams, so you will need to get yourself a good webcam that records at a good resolution. This is esspecially true if you want to be a live streamer or a gamer to make sure that the quality of your stream is the best it can be.

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There are tons of webcams available, which makes it difficult to pick the best. That’s we have picked out some of the best Webcams for streaming for you to have a look at. 

In this comprehensive guide, we will share some of the best webcams for streaming. 

Best Webcam for Streaming

These are our pick from the bunch, the best webscams for streaming available today.


  • Records footage at 1080p with 30 FPS
  • Background Replacement features
  • Video compression features
  • Sturdy Build Quality


  • No Auto Updates
  • Relatively expensive

The Logitech C922x Pro is considered one of the best webcams for streaming because it is specifically designed for the gaming community. It is a very capable gaming webcam and can record video at 1080p resolution with 30 FPS. That’s top end quality.

As Logitech C922x Pro is specifically designed for streamers, it comes with some very handy features which make it an ideal choice for streamers. It features background replacement technology (similar to having a green screen) which is very useful and it allows you to integrate images on the background. 

If you are looking for the best Webcam for streaming then you can’t go wrong with the Logitech C922x Pro.


  • 1080p footage with 30 FPS
  • 720p footage with 60 FPS
  • Advanced Autofocus
  • Adjustable ring light


  • Autofocus is sensitive to very small movements which can be annoying at times
  • Large size

Just look at it, it comes with it’s very own ring light. The Razer Kiyo is purpus built for streamers, and is definately one of the best webcams for streaming. 

It is designed by Razer which is a very popular company and it is known for making high-end gaming peripherals. The Razer Kiyo is equipped with all the features that a streamer may need. It comes with the high-end camera sensor which can record 1080p footage with 30 FPS and 720p footage at 60 GPS. It also features the Advanced Autofocus feature which comes very handy during streaming and it quickly adjusts the focus according to your movement.

It also comes with the adjustable ring light which will help you properly liight up the environment. Moreover, Razer Kiyo is also very easy to use and setup which makes it an ideal choice for veteran streamers as well as for new-comers. 

If you are looking for a reliable gaming webcam then Razer Kiyo is a great option.


  • Records footage at 1080p resolution with 30 FPS
  • Comes with true vision light adjustment feature
  • Camera sensor comes with 30-degree title and 360-degree angle spinning
  • Great Build Quality


  • The grip is not very strong
  • No Support for Windows 10 but, that may change soon

The HP HD 4310 Webcam is another very popular gaming webcam which comes tons of great features. Just like Logitech C922x Pro, It is also capable of recording footage at 1080p resolution at 30 FPS.

The unique thing about the HP HD 4310 Webcam is that it comes with a true vision light adjustment feature which comes very handy during streaming. This feature enables the HP HD 4310 Webcam to automatically adjust the clarity based on the background lighting. 

If you are looking for a reliable webcam that is capable of shooting good footage in poor lighting conditions then HP HD 4310 Webcam is a solid option.


  • 1080p Video Recording
  • Skype-Certified Software
  • TrueColor Technology
  • Solid Build Quality


  • It can support only 720p resolution while live streaming
  • Designed for Windows Platform

The Microsoft LifeCam Studio is the multi-purpose webcam that is designed to be used for gaming as well as video conferencing. 

This webcam is capable of recording the footage at 1080p which provides very clear and sharp footage. It also features TrueColor Technology which comes with face tracking and it can also help with colorful videos and control exposures. It also comes with 360 degrees rotation which can be useful if you are doing live-streaming on your gaming channel with your friends. 

One of the major drawbacks of Microsoft LifeCam Studio is that its resolution drops to 720p while live streaming which can be a deal-breaker for some people. 

Overall, Microsoft LifeCam Studio is a great webcam for those who want a decent webcam for both gaming and video-conferencing.


  • 4K Video Recording
  • 5X Digital Zoom
  • RightLight 3 Feature
  • Compatible with Multiple OS


  • No Optical Zoom
  • Expensive

Logitech BRIO is another webcam that could easily be the best webcam for streaming based on picture quality. It is designed for the professional streamers who want the best without any compromise. 

Logitech BRIO is capable of recording 4K footage with its high-resolution 4K Ultra HD Camera. The sensor is also equipped with the high-tech optic and lenses which ensures that you get the razor-sharp footage without any compromise.

It also comes with advanced features such as 5X digital zoom and Rightlight 3 feature which help you achieve the ideal lighting for the streaming. Logitech BRIO comes with the USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports which make it easier to use with your PC. However, you will need to connect Logitech BRIO with USB 3.0 port when running the 4K videos. 

The overall performance Logitech BRIO is the best and if you’re looking for a professional, HD gaming webcam. You can’t go wrong with this one. However, it is relatively expensive than the other webcams on this list.

Take away

We feel these are the best webcams for streaming right now. 

We would recommend you to check the complete specs of each webcam and then pick the one which suits your needs. If you are looking for a webcam with 4k video recording then the Logitech BRIO is a very solid option. However, if you are looking for a gaming webcam with FHD resolution then you can consider other webcams on this list. 

If you have any questions, please let us know in the comment section below. Also, take a browse over the rest of our website for more useful guides.

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