Discord Alternatives

discord alternatives

If you’re looking for Discord alternatives we’re about to run you through a few that might do just do the trick.

Text and voice-based methods of communication are used worldwide by anyone from gamers to professionals. By staying connected in real-time, these applications allow team members to easily collaborate and help to streamline workflow. A quality chat application can be a giant difference in productivity, cohesion, and collaborative efforts for any team-based environment.

A lot of people choose Discord as their application of choice. But some have concerns about certain downsides to Discord such as a poorly presented user interface, lack of self-hosting capabilities, privacy and hacking concerns. As well as this, it does have a somewhat unsavory past reputation for playing host to radical groups without intervention. For these, and other reasons, many seek Discord alternatives to utilize as their communication platforms.

We’re going to itroduce you to a few Discord alternatives below in no paticular order, as everyone will be looking for different things.

Slack 1

Slack is Discord’s less gamer-friendly cousin, but a great chatting communication tool none the less. It is a messaging platform that is as good of a communication tool as there is for a professional environment as you can find. 

Slack has a simple and clean looking interface, much like Discord. It also does not have self-hosting available. 

Where Slack excels, however, is on the overabundance of features to help workplace productivity which makes it one of the best Discord alternatives. Slack can integrate with more than 800 third party software that is widely leveraged by businesses (such as Dropbox, Trello, Mailchimp, etc.)

slack 2


  • Cuts down email traffic by making communication easy in a real-time “chat” environment
  • Allows multiple channels all with individual or group members in the channel, or nearly unlimited numbers
  • You can get people’s attention by mentioning their handle in the chat even if they are not online
  • Clean, intuitive interface
  • Allows file transfer of up to 1GB (way more than Discord)
  • Allows up to 10K for a team’s most recent messages to be searchable


  • Some of the more extensive features require a monthly subscription
  • No self-hosting (you are not in control of your data or protected from all third party providers)
  • Can’t share screen through the browser client


skype 1

If you are looking for a simpler, less feature-loaded app that thrives in the area of communication, Skype may be your choice for a Discord alternative. 

This popular text and voice communication platform is very easy to use and has all the fundamental communication tools.  The non-business version doesn’t come with many bells and whistles too many bonus features, but it does a great job of getting you from A to B with ease.

Known mostly for their video chat capabilities, this application could be quite useful in a professional setting, though it may not be as practical in a gaming one.

skype 2


  • Simple to use, well known
  • Allows screen sharing
  • Free group video capabilities with calls up to 10 members in a video conference
  • Allows file sharing by dragging and dropping the file to a chat window
  • Available across most platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc)


  • Any messages sent are received only when both parties are online
  • Number of participants in video recommended being 5 or less due to degrading video quality
  • System resource-heavy application

TeamSpeak 3

TeamSpeak 3

In terms of alternatives to Discord gamer communications perspective, TeamSpeak 3 might be top choice of a communication system. It utilizes a superior sound quality and lag-free performance. 

On top of that, you have more control over who joins your channels, who can talk, as well as many other control features. 

It also comes standard with military-grade security, making it one of the most reliable options on the market.

Team Speak 3


  • Background noise reduction, echo cancellation, the microphone volume gets adjusted automatically, and overall near-perfect audio quality
  • High control parameters
  • Cloud-based (allows server synchronization and setting control between devices)
  • Highly secure
  • Almost no connection problems


  • The interface is ugly
  • Initial set up can be challenging
  • You need to have some sort of dedicated server set up, which is not free


Overtone 1

As another choice for Discord alternatives for gamers, Overtone is armed with a simple interface and includes most of the required voice and text communication features and chat support. 

It’s free to use and utilizes Vivox, a top of the line voice chat service (employed in games like PUBG and Fortnite). 

Additionally, it has social features that help you find and join groups of people who share similar interests to you. 

It is not system resource-heavy and is not difficult to get operational.

Overtone 2


  • Lightweight (does not overwhelm system resources)
  • Can be run on a web browser, so there is no need to download its own client
  • Uses Vivox
  • Free to use
  • Gamers can communicate inside or outside of a game


  • Cannot create teams via a web browser
  • Not a whole lot of bells and whistles


riot.im 1

From an encryption end, Riot.im is a great Discord alternative. Aside from having the capability for individual and group conversations, it allows for file sharing ability that is as simple as the drag & drop strategy and extensive archiving capabilities applicable to both shared content and conversations. It also offers robust end-to-end encryption of all of your conversations. This service is primarily geared toward team collaborations and seeks to improve the capability of teams to work more effectively together.

riot 2


  • End-to-End Encryption (very secure)
  • Simple interface
  • Integrates with Jitsi for multi-party video chats
  • Easy file-sharing ability
  • Search archives for past text or files
  • Web & Mobile versions available


  • Still has issues to work out as it is a platform that is only a few years old
  • A large number of people in chats makes permissions and control cumbersome and annoying

Take Away

Those are some of the examples of the best Discord alternatives. Of course, there are other platforms besides these. They all, to varying degrees, serve some needs better than others and the ones on the provided list are more suitable for multiple uses. 

The important thing is that there is a great variety of choices, most certainly enough to fill the majority of needs in both gaming and professional settings.

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