How to Host on Twitch

How to Host on Twitch

Twitch is not just one of the best streaming platforms for amazing gamers, but it is also great for game enthusiasts who simply want to share their experiences and interests. In this article we are going to run through how to host on Twitch from start to finish.

What is Twitch?

Simply, Twitch is a platform that allows users to stream a live video with an audience. 

On Twitch, streamers tend to share their on-screen experiences in real time, while progressively playing games and talking with the audience. Twitch is not just a video game streaming site where you show off, it is a home for gamers, where they share their heart and passion. Through fixed stream times, streamers may show these contents to their viewers, just like people tuning into Television shows.

But Twitch does not only allow you to share your own content, Twitch streamers may also host their channels for other Twitch streamers. This connects other streams directly into your stream, as though it were your content. If anyone does this and is hosting a Twitch streamer, they will need to state this at the top of the stream.

Why host another Twitch streamer?

It is entirely optional to host another user’s source. There are, however, many reasons why it is a good idea to host.

1. Keep the weight off your stream

Many Twitch streamers start hosting someone else manually as soon as they finish broadcasting, sometimes encouraging their fans to jump to the hosted site. This is known as “raiding” and is popular on Twitch.

It is a great way of keeping their own channel active and interesting at all times even when they are offline. When a streamer cannot stream (e.g. to sleep), it is still a nice backup to keep their stream live, and viewers entertained.

2. Community growth

Twitch streamers tend to host another channel’s live Twitch stream to support and promote their channel. This allows streamers to build connections with other streamers and to share likeminded communities and audiences.

How to host someone on Twitch?

Hosting is of great value to the host streamer and also to the hosted streamer. It is the same as having a main band and a supporting band in a music gig. The supporting act is keeping everyone entertained, before the main band comes on stage.

One thing to be aware of is that the streamer of the channel that you are hosting does not see the messages in your chat. Why is this important? If people believe they are watching the original channel and are asking questions, that are not being seen to be answered, they are not going to be incredibly happy. This is where stating that the stream is hosted is important. But the streamer being hosted will get a notification to warm them that they are being streamed on another channel.

The bottom line is, viewers are spending more time on the channel, which all counts towards growth.

How to host on Twitch on your desktop?

Take these steps in order to get a host stream up and running on your channel.

1. Set up your own channel

If you are completely new to Twitch, the first move is to go to the Twitch website and set up your channel. This can be done on any device that has the Twitch app installed.

You can control your channel from the Creator page. Which can be accessed after creating an account. On this creator page, you can find a lot of useful information, from donations to subscriber numbers. If you start streaming regularly, it is essential to keep this page up to date.

2. Find the Channel Page

Twitch Channel

Go to Twitch’s main page once a channel is set up. 

On the top right-hand side, click your avatar and you will see a drop-down display. 

Click Channel, and this takes you to the channel’s main page, where all viewers can see mostly.

3. Locate the Chat

Twitch Chat

The chat box is located on the bottom right hand side. 

The main channel page consists of a tall, black screen when nobody streams. If the channel is accessed for the first time, it will definitely all be blank.

A broad dark grey box will be displayed on the right side of the screen. That’s the Twitch chat function.

4. Type in the Host Command

For beginning the hosting process, a command must be used and typed into the chat (on the bottom). 

Type /host followed by the channel name into the chat and press enter. 

e.g. “/host twitch”

It should start your stream. If it doesn’t, type in the name of the channel without brackets after typing in /host. Click the Enter tab. Today, every stream of the canal host is seen on the black screen.

You can change hosts up to three times every half hour.

5. To stop hosting

Simply type /unhost in the chat to stop hosting.

The stream will also stop if the channel hosting the stream goes live with its own channel.

How to host a Twitch stream on your Mobile?

Twitch’s mobile app (and any devices on which this application is available) can also activate hosting. Hosting a Twitch stream on mobile is nearly the same process as on desktop.

1. Download the Twitch app

Go on the App Store or Google Play and download the Twitch app. Create an account or log in with your details.

2. Go to the Channel Page

Go to the homepage and click the icon in the right-hand corner of the screen after you have downloaded your app. You will go to your Twitch channel.

3. Type the commands into chat

Click on the chat and type in /host and the channel name you want to host. 

Type /unhost in the chat again when you’ve finished hosting. 

The channel can be changed up to three times every half hour.

How to turn on auto-host?

Twitch also allows streamers to host automatically while their channel is not live. Streamers can create a list of channels in the Channel Settings page so that Twitch can randomly select a host. This is especially useful if you do not have time to stream yourself.

The Auto-hosting method is the easiest way to host another channel. While using auto-host, it will randomly pick channels from the list you have specified.

It is easy to set up. All you need to do is go to your Settings and select Channel and Videos. Scroll down to the Host section, turn ON “Auto-host” and add as many Twitch channels as you want to on your host list.

Take Away

As highlighted earlier, learning how to host on Twitch is very easy and straightforward. 

It just doesn’t take any stress to join the community of game lovers and share your content as well as enjoy an amazing experiences. 

We hope these simple steps help you with hosting on Twitch.

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