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Best Webcam for Streaming

Best Webcam for Streaming

A webcam is one of the most important components of any streaming setup today given the ease and pupularity of having more than one live video on screen. There are many to choose from, so we’ll help you find the best webcam for streaming. If you have a laptop it usually already comes with aRead More »Best Webcam for Streaming

best gaming glasses

Best Gaming Glasses

With selfcare and wellbeing becoming key topics, blue light glasses and UV blocking glasses are becoming a must have for gamers and individuals spending a lot of time inront of a screen. We’re going to run through what we feel are the best gaming gasses on the market today.  What are Gaming Glasses? ‘Gaming Glasses’Read More »Best Gaming Glasses

portable audio recorders

Best Portable Audio Recorders for Podcasting

Portable audio recorders can offer handy recording alternitives to recording a podcast. They also offer solutions to many common issues that podcasters run into, such as lack of phantom power, unmobile studio setups or no computer. If you’re looking for a portable audio recorder we’re going to recommend what we feel are the best portableRead More »Best Portable Audio Recorders for Podcasting

best streaming microphone 2

Best Streaming Microphones

Choosing between the best streaming microphones can be a challenge in a world where production has become more important for new streamers. Getting the balance between accessibility, affordability and quality is a fine line to tread. With so much competition for newcomers looking to join the streaming market, getting a good kit together beforehand isRead More »Best Streaming Microphones

best blogging platforms 1

Best Blogging Platforms

Thinking about starting your own blog? This guide will help you choose from the best blogging platforms available online. Choosing the right platform is an important step as you don’t really want to be changing to another platform anytime soon. Changing will mean added work in transferring everything over, domain and content. This guide isRead More »Best Blogging Platforms

Microphone 1

Best Podcast Microphone

Your microphone is one of the most important items in your podcasting kit and can be a strong foundation to the overall podcast quality. Having the best podcast microphone is a superb way of giving your podcast the additional quality it needs to be successful. It’s very easy to pick up a microphone online thatRead More »Best Podcast Microphone