Social Media Management for Small Businesses

Social Media Management for Small Businesses

Running a small business and social media management at the same time can be a lot to juggle for anyone. We’ve put together a few pieces of advice on social media manegement that should reassure your approach and ease some of the workload.

 Here are a few social media management tips for small businesses.

1. Don't over promote

Social media is not about ‘promoting’ your services or products all the time, but more about posting content that will entertain users. Crating endless list of promotions and churn of messages is not going to get people doing what you want. So stop wasting your social media management time doing so.

Make sure that you’re posting content that will draw engagement from your followers and make you seem ‘real’ and ‘approachable’.  If you’re giving your audience something to engage with and enjoy, they’ll be more likely to engage with you in future and take you up on future promotions.

As a rule, you should really be sticking to a 1 in 4 promotion ratio at most; 3 items of general content, for every promotional post.

2. Have a clear strategy and content plan

As they say; Fail to plan, plan to fail. 

Use your social media management time wisely. Having a clear strategy and goal in mind when working with social media will allow you to concentrate on the things that matter to your business on social media. Social media is a huge industry with numerous different platforms, tactics and ways of doing things. Unless you have a very strong team behind you, you will not be able to do everything.

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Once you have a strategy and a goal, plan your content into a content calendar and stick to it. The calendar will allow you to manage your time and make sure that you’re posting the right amount of content on each platform.

3. You don't 'need' to be spending money

Small businesses have the tendency to think that paid advertising is the only way to get traction on social media. This is simply not the case. 

Small businesses should be thinking about their ‘content strategy’ before anything else and once that’s been mastered the engagement and reach will follow. If you have great content, the engagement and reach will grow with hard work.

If you’re posting relevant and engaging content, the algorithms controlling social media will reward you with more reach, more followers and potentially more customers. After that, if you find something that’s really working well for you, then think about pushing that out to more people via paid ads, as you know that you’ll be getting true ROI.

Of course, spending money does have it’s benifits and doing so will help you acheive your goals quicker. But, starting with the core fundamentals of social media content will drive you to post high value content that will lead to longer term benifits.

4. Don't forget to convert social followers over to an email list

Social media is great, but email can be even better. It’s proven that email open and conversion rates are higher than native social media in general – and they’re both ‘free’.

Social media is a jigsaw piece in your marketing strategy, so take advantage and send your audience over to your other channels. Make sure that you’re plugging your email list, posting incentives to join and nurturing your loyal customers.

5. Remember, offline helps online

This is a simple one if you see your customers: rather than sticking a ‘we are on Facebook’ sign on the counter (or not doign anything at all!), actually tell your in-store customers to follow you, face to face.  Everyone knows the power of face to face interactions, and if you’re doing this with every customer that walks through the door, you might be surprised at your follower rate growth.

As they already might be loyal customers enjoying what you do, they’re more likely to be engaging with your content online, giving you more reach with other potential customers.

6. Don't copy big businesses

Big businesses have huge marketing budgets. Content they post will sometimes give a miss perception that the content ‘works’, when in reality it’s been pushed out to thousands via paid avenues – where if it had gone out without paid ads, it wouldn’t have gone very far.

Also, they probably have a lot of staff who has the capacity to create lavish content on a daily basis. Don’t take it to heart if you can’t emulate their scale, how can you? Their social media management capacity is possibly a lot larger than yours. 

Focus on your social media management strategy and grow, step by step.

It’s great tha you’re keeping an eye on big brands and taking inspiration. But, don’t try and emulate them all the time; do your own thing and analyse what works for you and your business.  

Use your strength as a small business with a smaller geographical customer pool to engage in a ‘local’ and ‘relevant’ manner with the specific audience you already have.

7. Only create and post as much you can manage

It’s all well and good to plan out an elaborate social media management content plan, but make sure that you have time to achieve what you’ve set out to do. 

There is just no point in sharing terrible content because you rushed it out, or scheduled it for the wrong date. 

You should use your social media management time to create meaningful content, and the amount you create is a realistic volume. You’re better off concentrating on smaller amounts of content and doing them well, than spreading yourself thin.

8. Only use as many platforms as you can manage

As with point 6, work with relevant platforms and manage as many as you can handle.  It’s far more beneficial for you to be ‘rocking’ Instagram, than having a small following on numerous accounts, working yourself thin and not achieving anything.

Concentrate on growing 1 or 2 accounts first, and make sure you’re working within your means before starting on any other platforms.

Take Away

Social media management is getting harder and harder if you don’t have a clear strategy, but it all comes down to hard work and knowledge.

If you do manage to crack the social world, the rewards are never ending.

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