10 TikTok Marketing Tips

10 TikTok Marketing Tips

Since its inception, TikTok has grown in popularity significantly. As of October 2018, it was the most downloaded photo and video social media platform in the Apple Store internationally. This makes TikTok marketing a fantastic opportunity for brands and businesses.

The statistics from the platform are likely to blow your mind. It is said to have attracted over 800 million active consumers, with the US being the hottest country, with it having been downloaded nearly 100,000 million times.

Due to the popularity of Tiktok, many businesses have decided to take advantage of this social platform. However, a lot of brands don’t know how Tiktok marketing works. At the end of this article, you will have insight knowledge on how Tiktok marketing works.

Tiktok Marketing Tips

Here are some useful Tiktok marketing tips suitable for both personal and business use.

Use a Tiktok business profile

Before starting, be sure to switch to a business account because your target audience can easily find you. Switching to a business account on TikTok is very easy and it is one of the most effective Tiktok’s marketing tips. To do this:

  • Go to your TikTok page, click on “Manage Account” and tap the switch for the “Business Account” option.
  • When you use TikTok Business Profile, you will get more opportunities for your business to grow by adding your website link to your profile and get direct traffic to your website.

Create interesting content

This might be a little obvious, but TikTok has grown due to its highly engaging content. Sharing interesting and valuable content is key to your TikTok account’s growth. Because of this, TikTok has many tools that will enable you to create content without having to spend a lot of time or money hiring someone else to do it for you. Your focus should 100% be on creating interesting and valuable content.

For example, if you have a small business, you can share unique content about your experience, memorable moments, your typical day in the life, or the things you need to promote and sell.

Add trending hashtags to you TikTok marketing strategy

Using hashtags is great Tiktok marketing tip that can help your brand reach all over the world. This is not unique to TikTok, hashtags are responsible for your reach on social media. 

Tip: A ful way of engaging users with a hashtag is to add a branded hashtag challenge. This not only gives you content more views, but it also increased your brand’s visibility.

Build a unique community

Before beginning, have a think about who your audience are and create your content around them. 

Although TikTok is famous for fun and creative content, not everyone is interested in those content types. There are many accounts that take on serious topics and have grown an engaged specific audience. 

So, have a think. What kind of audience are you trying to attract? Building that community by creating unique content helps build a relationship with that audience.

Embrace user-generated content

User-generated content is the foundation of TikTok’s commitment and success. This is one of the most important and useful TikTok marketing tips.

What we mean by this, is that you can create content by using other peoples videos. For example, it’s completely normal to do a ‘reaction video’ to someone’s video. Or, to do a duet with someone else.

It;s prooven, user-generated content drives brand-generated content engagement. It will even increase brand awareness.

Likewise, this can also be turned on it;s head. If one of your goals is to grow your brand or business through video, then you should share videos of your products and services. This will allow others to use your videos as their own reaction and duet videos.

Make your videos short and simple

One of the most effective ways to get big reach and go viral quickly with TikTok is to get your audience to watch your videos over and over again. How do you do this?

  • You can share videos up to 1 minute long on TikTok. If you have more reach on TikTok, videos that are 7-10 seconds long are better as short videos go viral on TikTok and most people enjoy watching short videos.
  • Every video has a fabulous story; it’s important to get attention and engage the audience.

Create a TikTok marketing calendar and post consistently

Unlike other social platforms, you should post several stories, because TikTok allows you to post multiple posts. There is no limit.

With TikTok, you don’t have to try to get every video perfect. You can post any type of story that appeals to your audience. At the beginning, always try new and interesting things as much as possible to find the type of content your audience likes.

Additionally, consistency and regularity are essential to empowering your community and building trust. Make sure you are sticking to the publishing schedule and researching your content and when your target audience is active online.

Follow the bandwagon of cross-promotion

You can see most people uploading their TikTok content to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. This is a good Tiktok marketing tip for sharing your TikTok videos on other social networks.

Cross-promotion effectively increases your TikTok account awareness and improves your TikTok followers to increase brand engagement. It is also a good idea to share your TikTok videos on other social networks.

Use TikTok Ads in you TikTok marketing strategy

TikTok has an efficient and formal advertising system and it is easy to advertise on the platform. This is good for your brand, product, and service so you can try out these popular ad features:

Native in-feed ads

  • Native in-feed ads are similar to Instagram story ads. This is a full-screen ad that will be shown to you on the TikTok page.
  • These ads now can add website links and command buttons. It helps users land right on the page.
  • The focus of this ad is determined by impressions, click rates, video watch time, engagement rate, and total video views.

Brand takeover announcements

  • It is the purest and most expensive advertising format as TikTok only allows one brand to advertise a specific category per day. You can use images, gifs, and short video clips in your videos.
  • Branding ads are more effective because the marketing tools are straightforward and use easy-to-use techniques that significantly influence the branding of a particular product or service.
  • The ad target group can be measured based on click-through rates, impressions, and unique target groups.

Announcements of the Hashtag Challenge

  • These ads are used for users to see certain banner ads that will direct the user to their Challenge Rules and Instructions page. These ads are shown on the discovery page based on user content.
  • The audience for this ad can be measured based on information about the banners displayed, the number of views, user-generated content, and engagement rate.

Keep an eye on your analytics

If you want more reach and success on TikTok, you need to keep track of your analytics and your competition. You need a TikTok business account to know your integrated TikTok analyzes.


If you run a business and want to promote your business on social platforms, TikTok is the perfect platform for growing your business right now. The 10 Tiktok Marketing Tips above will help you maximize your business for years to come within a growing audience demographic.

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