Tips for New Streamers

Tips for New Streamers

Streaming and gaming have gone hand in hand for years, and platforms such as Twitch have grown to huge heights. So, if you’re looking to grow a following on Twitch or similar platforms here are a few tips for new streamers. 

They are simple tips that are easy to implement, so if you are looking to get more followers and more views, the tips listed below are just for you. Here are our 10 tips for new streamers!

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10 Tips for New Streamers

1. Connect with other streamers

When streaming, connecting and reaching out to other streamers is something that can boost your growth as a newcomer. The most valuable views you will get as a new streamer will be from those who also stream, especially those streaming similar games as you do. If they see that you are consistently supporting their channel, they’ll be motivated to do same and host you too.

It would be wise for you to try and connect with streamers that have similar audiences to the one you’re looking for in order to make it worthwhile if you’re even hosted. Connecting with similar streamers will also enable you to ask them questions around topics and issues that are relevant to them and you.

2. Make a stream schedule

A stream schedule is what helps your viewers know when your stream begins, so they’ll know exactly when to join and expect you online. This is one of the best tips for new streamers, and important for those who want to grow a following.

Using a stream schedule will help create a habit in your viewers of tuning in to your stream, either in the mornings, or evenings; whenever suits you best. You can try out various streaming slots at different times of the day to see which one gets the most viewers.

However, once you’ve creating a streaming schedule or pattern, ensure to stick with it consistently. Consistency is key.

3. Make your stream look great

The most important element of running a stream is that your audience enjoys it and looking great is a big part of that.

Use broadcasting tools

There are plenty of broadcasting websites readily available to help you create a stream that looks professional.

Provide enough information           

For every viewer that comes across your channel, they would want to know what it is all about. Therefore, be aware of their curiosity and satisfy it all by providing the information they need.

As an example, you could do this through the use of tools such as Twitch native info-panels. Panels are necessary for each of the following: your PC setup, stream schedule or pattern, game configurations, top donators/sponsors, and information about the streamer behind the channel; profile description and social media links.

Always review your videos

As a beginner looking to grow a following and learn, you would have to view your streams by watching them yourself, again. This helps to spot any technical errors and behavioral issues that you may not have noticed ordinarily. You may even find problems with it that no one else may point out.

4. Choose the right game

Choosing the right game is how you differentiate yourself on a platform that is filled with streamers. This is why many new streamers spend lots of time trying to stream the right game that is both fun and intense.

You may want to ask yourself questions such as;

  • Is it online multiplayer?
  • Does it have mass appeal?
  • Do I enjoy playing it?
  • Is it too easy or too challenging?
  • How time consuming will it be for me?

Don’t be afraid to initially go ahead and try different games and see which is best for you and for the audience you want to attract.

One thing to keep in mind is that new games do tend attract a lot of attention and some might not have many streaming them initially until they become popular. This is definitely one tip for new streamers to take note of before starting off streaming; new games could be a way in.

5. Appreciate your new subscribers

Always show some love to your new subscribers, as they are the bread and butter of your stream success. Make sure they are aware that you appreciate them, as a little contribution can help you make money from gaming. 

This might not be easy when you are busy streaming a game, but you can automate the process by using a streaming plugin. Now, this does not replace the need to make a mention while streaming, as you’ll have to do so yourself from time to time, such as when there is a gap in gameplay, giving you a chance to shift your attention.

6. Use social Media to interact with your followers

If your viewers cannot tune in to your stream every time, then it would be nice if you were to interact with them outside that environment. Therefore, make sure to add your social media handles or pages to your stream and let them follow you, and get to know you.

Take note also, that everything you share doesn’t have to be all about gaming, as your followers will want to know more about you and the other things that interests you.

7. Find a sponsor for your live stream

This might not be as applicable to the majority of new streamers, but you may have a following already from something else that you’ve been doing or you may have been doing this for a while already.

But it’s certainly one of the best tips for new streamers.

Getting a sponsor or two actually helps a long way in maintaining your audience, and gaining a larger following by giving you some stature and brand building. This is often attributed to the credibility that comes with being endorsed by a brand.

You can aim for affiliate status on Twitch, for instance, if it gets difficult to find a sponsor. This would get you extra revenue streams while boosting your credibility. It’s not really a quick solution though, as it takes some hard work.

8. Keep the conversation going

Do not be silent while you’re playing your game on a live stream, else there won’t be a lot of reason for viewers to keep on watching you. However, constant talking is not necessary either and could be a drawback if your game requires focus.

A light conversation would keep your audience engaged; you can explain your strategy, for instance, in a game requiring skill, or say your opinion when you’re playing a casual game.

When you do this, your viewers may post more of their opinions, and questions in the chat section.

9. Don't cut corners with equipment

This is one of the more important tips for new streamers, and it can affect the streaming quality of your visuals and audio in a huge way. It doesn’t have to be flawless or highly professional equipment, decent standard ones will do. Ensure that the quality is acceptable, and there are no problems such as high packet loss, highly pixelated visual quality, or hissing microphones.

Make sure the Internet connection is stable and fast, the microphone has a good sound quality, and it functions properly. A standard webcam is important too. One more thing: do not play games that are a bit too intense for your gaming rig or set up, you’re going to need some power to run everything.

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10. Don’t quit because there’s no one watching

A lot of streamers that have just begun game streaming give up early on as they have very little to no viewers at all. But this was the case for the majority top streamers at some point, and that was how they all began.

Turn this into a positive and take advantage of this opportunity, as having no one around for a while gives you a good opportunity to practice and improve.

Go on and play the game, have a great time, even if there’s no one in your stream! If someone does come along and you’re all silent and uninteresting, why would they stay? Always stream as if there are 100,000 people watching you.

It also helps you get used to your role and build up your experience, so that when you land over 50,000 views, it all doesn’t feel too sudden.

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