What is a Podcast?

A podcast is an audio file of a program (e.g. music or speech) that is recorded and made available in a digital format to download or stream over the Internet. Podcast services are usually subscribed to online, and they are usually related to a particular topic or field, and it may consist of audio episodes, spoken words, etc.

Podcasts can be any length (from a minute news update to a 3-hour talk show or review), can have any frequency such as daily to monthly, can come in any format ranging from a simple recording to a multi-person audio drama, and can cover any topic, especially those topics or interests that are not available on radio. Note, that the word ‘Podcast’ refers to a channel, or a series of audio episodes, and to the program as a whole, while ‘Podcast Episode’ is one audio recording from a podcast.

Podcasts are great; and commonly listened to while performing other tasks such as exercising at the gym, driving, mowing the lawn, or taking a walk to work. A short moment of wasted or unused time could be used to listen to a podcast episode or two. Bear in mind that you may require a few listening devices for a great podcast experience, and these may include headphones, a Bluetooth connection to the appropriate speakers such as those in the car, or smart speakers.

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Podcasts aren’t always super professional productions, sometimes it may be informal, such as a few friends conversing about a special topic of interest such as football or sports, movies or music. There are of course professional podcasts too and are also great to listen to. Podcasts cover any and all topics; if you can search a keyword on Google and get results, there’s probably a podcast for it.

As a podcaster, you can even create and upload your own show; there’s no professional experience required, all you really need to begin is just about a podcast microphone, a computer, and valuable content to dish out to listeners. You can talk about any topic that interests you, and radio systems and broadcasting rights aren’t required to start off.

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Also, as a subscriber to podcasts, you also get notified when a new episode is released on your preferred podcast app. 

Simply put, podcasts are “Audio on Demand”.

podcast topics

Podcast Topics

Choosing a podcast topic is one the most important dercisions you will make. Podcast topics are getting more and more niche as time goes on,

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